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No more constant searching. Iron-clad online compliance enforcement at a fraction of the cost. With state-of-the-art monitoring tools, case management and patent-pending technology, FieldWatch comprehensively and globally scans the vast expanse of the Internet for harmful conversations, threats and violations of company policy, and serves them up to your compliance team on a silver platter!


Your brand is vulnerable to online threats from every corner of the Internet—one bad search result or social media conversation can steer away thousands from your company. Our Risk Mitigation team delivers proven, cutting-edge strategies to repair existing search engine and social media damage, clear out negativity, and safeguard your brand globally against new attacks. We have the finest strategic and tactical reputation professionals you will find anywhere.

Social media excellence

A world-class social presence takes focus, expertise, and just the right touch to reach and inspire people with your message. You will not find a more talented team nor cost-effective approach to managing your entire social media presence and reach more prospects than ever. Let us show you how we can transform your organization into a social media phenomenon, while at the same time keeping your organization compliant with rules and regulations.


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Find out more about the direct selling industry through publications by Momentum Factor's founder and president, Jonathan Gillliam.

executive Team

Jonathan Gilliam
President and Founder
Jonathan is a highly-regarded direct selling industry executive with an extensive background in digital technology and interactive marketing. A thought-leader and author or two major direct selling industry books, he is also an accomplished consultant and speaker on topics of digital impact for direct sellers.
Regina Melo
Director of Social Media
Regina brings a boundless creative energy along with positive, strategic focus to Momentum Factor. Her proven ability to lead and work closely with clients to help achieve and surpass their goals has led her to develop successful campaigns for multinational companies in the US as well as in Latin America.
Scott Allen
Director of Risk Solutions
Scott is a true pioneer of what we now call social media. In 2002, he began speaking, training and consulting on what was then known as “online business networking,” making him one of the world’s first professional social media experts.
Program Director
As a part of the Momentum Factor Leadership Team, Zach helps optimize and organize the firm’s program operations. He directs the development of FieldWatch and our other software applications, serves as a program liaison to our clients.

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