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"We determined that FieldWatch was the right solution, as it searches the web much more deeply, with more terms, than our specialists could. Importantly, it shows regulators that we are proactive in our compliance."

- Harriet Forney, Compliance Manager, ACN Inc.


Reduce Your Risk, Master Your Process and Focus on Your Field.

Your Direct Selling company is facing monumental legal & compliance challenges. Step up to the challenge with FieldWatch!
FieldWatch is the PATENT-PENDING solution for direct sellers who want to get serious about protecting their companies (and their field!) by ensuring that unknowing or even rogue reps do not put the brand or company at risk. FieldWatch automates much of the tedious—yet incredibly important—aspects of a healthy compliance function.


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FieldWatch Client Testimonials

In 2016, FieldWatch was selected by the Direct Selling Association as its exclusive digital compliance solution.



Before FieldWatch we had one employee in charge of searching the internet manually and then leveraged people across the local regions to do manual search as well. The key reasons for selecting FieldWatch was its technology, global language capabilities, and giving us the ability to gather and make the information immediately available, so we can take action. FieldWatch was a better fit to our work process related to flexibility and switching of parameters in a timely fashion. The ease of use, especially the ability to quickly modify keywords is really important. The process and workflow is closely aligned to the way we work.

Brian Muir, VP, Global Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

We determined that FieldWatch was the right solution, as it could search the web much deeper with more terms than our specialists could. FieldWatch would show regulatory agencies that ACN is proactive in protecting the business/opportunity, as well as following state and federal guidelines. Momentum Factor knows the direct selling industry and could bring insight and fresh ideas to our current processes. They keep current on the technologies and compliance rules surrounding marketing claims for our industry - and can be a turnkey operation, providing multiple services that our company may find beneficial in future expansion and protection.

 Harriet Forney, Compliance and Consumer Affairs Analyst

Before FieldWatch our compliance process involved mostly searching Google, de-duping, weeding out false-positive, and triaging potential violations. It felt like we were always playing catchup and it was very difficult to gain a complete picture of what was happening in the field. With the information from FieldWatch, we are now able gain the complete picture we were missing and create relevant educational material to help reduce the number of incidents. By having the risk mitigation experts from Momentum Factor managing our compliance monitoring process, we've been able to shift our resources to managing cases, educating and training the field. The FieldWatch program has paid for itself many times over. Thank you Momentum Factor!

Glen Bogue, VP Compliance

Reduce Your Direct Selling Company's Risk:

  • Directly Address Brand & Regulatory Risk
  • Protect your Company from Illegal Claims
  • Enforce Your Policies & Procedures
  • Dramatically Reduce Your Compliance Costs
  • Be Consistent in Your Enforcement
  • Take Care of Your Field with Precise Education and Training
  • Automate Time Consuming Search Activities
  • Enforce Against Illegal Sellers on Amazon & Ebay
  • Demonstrate Compliance Effectiveness to Your Executive Suite!

Increase Your Compliance Department's Effectiveness:

  • Stop Drowning in Data
  • Eliminate the Chaos and Get Your Compliance Department Organized
  • Get Out of the Whack-a-Mole game, Get on to Solving Problems
  • Automate and Expand Search So You Can Work More with Your Field
  • Handle Case Management all the Way to Resolution
  • Show Your Progress with State-of-the-Art Compliance Analytics
  • Reduce Your Risk of “Missing Something Important”
  • Demonstrate Your Expertise, Use Your Highest Skills!

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