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ALERT: FTC Releases Guidance for Direct Sellers and MLMs

The FTC staff have released guidance for direct sales companies on its official website.  From FTC.gov: Multi-level marketing is a diverse and varied industry, employing many different structures and methods of selling. Although there may be significant differences in how … Continue Reading


FTC Chair Edith Ramirez Announces Resignation

Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez said Friday in an interview that she will soon step down as head of the country’s most powerful consumer watchdog, after serving more than three years in the role and another three years before … Continue Reading


Guest Post: Vemma Lives to Play Another Day

Following is a guest post from attorney Larry Steinberg with an early analysis of the FTC settlement with Vemma. By Larry Steinberg, Shareholder, Buchalter Nemer The sixteen month long lawsuit between the Federal Trade Commission and Vemma Nutrition Company has come to a negotiated … Continue Reading


Moving Forward, Here’s What the FTC’s Order Requires Herbalife to Do

Following is a guest post from attorney Kevin Thompson with an early analysis of the FTC settlement with Herbalife. By Kevin Thompson, Thompson Burton PLLC After a two year investigation, Herbalife has agreed to pay a $200 million fine to the FTC and act … Continue Reading

FTC Settlement with Herbalife – OMG!

Following is a guest post from attorney Spencer Reese with an early analysis of the FTC settlement with Herbalife. By Spencer Reese, Reese Poyfair Richards PLLC Network marketing is in the midst of a rapidly advancing Orwellian era. It’s been slow to develop, starting … Continue Reading

Direct Selling and Regulators: Innovation, Not Infraction

| Opinion | Regulators should assume a cooperative, rather than adversarial, stance with direct sellers. Every time a direct seller has an issue with the Federal Trade Commission, critics of the industry are quick to jump on it, hailing it … Continue Reading

Latest FTC Actions Highlight the Perils of Aggressive Corporate Behavior

In the wake of recent FTC actions, a new pattern of consumer protection action has emerged: Companies who go too far in their marketing or give the appearance of an anti-consumer bias may be putting their companies at great risk. … Continue Reading

“The Vemma Case Ruling: What Now?” WEBINAR Tuesday 9/22 at 12 MT

Judge John J. Tuchi yesterday amended his temporary restraining order in the Vemma case – and it has HUGE ramifications for direct sellers. The Vemma case has rocked our industry to its core. The latest development in this fast moving, … Continue Reading

Did Zeek Ever Even Have a Product?

No doubt you heard this what is turning into national news. The U.S. SEC says the company is an online Ponzi scheme, and the news has cast a pall over the industry. See the SEC complaint below. … Continue Reading

Don’t wait for a regulator’s nasty-gram

Any Direct Selling executive knows that one of the greatest ongoing threats to their company is an action by a governmental organization based on overblown income or product claims made by distributors. Not only can such actions be a major distraction, in … Continue Reading