$1 Billion Lawsuit at Ambit Energy

Former Top Earner Essentially Calls Ambit a Pyramid Scheme Run by Racist, Sexist Thugs. What Do You Think?

Former distributor Nicole Gubin, said to be a top 10 earner at Ambit Energy, filed a $1B lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court accusing the Texas-based company of federal racketeering, fraud and unfair business practices.  The plaintiffs, Nicole Gubin and her company, BH Seven LLC, also brought claims of libel, defamation and harassment, according to

The lawsuit characterizes Ambit as “operating as a pyramid scheme which makes false and misleading statements that constitute deceptive acts or practices.” The suit also accuses Ambit’s top executives of spreading false statements about Gubin’s job performance, poaching her customers and discriminating against her for being Jewish and a woman.

The plaintiffs seek $600 million in compensatory damages, $250 million in punitive damages, $250 million in liquidated damages and $13 million in attorneys’ fees and costs. They also requested a permanent injunction enjoining Ambit from doing business in New York.

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