Momentum Factor Interviewed by Ted Nuyten

Yours truly was interviewed this week about the future of direct selling industry and other heady, philosophical topics. The interviewer is the inimitable Ted Nuyten, Chairman of Netherlands-based Business For Home Foundation and owner of one the most widely-read websites in … Continue Reading

How to prevent your own Facebook apocalypse

Last week a friend’s Facebook account was hijacked. While he was traveling, the criminals who overtook his account immediately launched a well-known money scam in an attempt to extract money from his friends. Fortunately, friends alerted him and it was … Continue Reading

Don’t wait for a regulator’s nasty-gram

Any Direct Selling executive knows that one of the greatest ongoing threats to their company is an action by a governmental organization based on overblown income or product claims made by distributors. Not only can such actions be a major distraction, in … Continue Reading