7 Great Ways to Kill Your Direct Selling Company

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How to Not Be Invisible on Facebook

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Hype Vs. Excitement

As a follow up to last week’s call for “no more bullsh*t” in our industry, here’s another quick clip from our Vegas presentation to the ANMP — this one on the perils of hype and the fruits of authenticity.

no more bullsh*t.

Just returned from my presentation to the Association of Network Marketing Professionals convention in Las Vegas where my co-presenter Mel Atwood and I shook up the industry, just a bit, calling for an end to hype and over-promising with a … Continue Reading

Are “Tweener” companies the next big trend in direct selling?

Tweener [tween-er] n. — A company too big for affiliate marketing and too small for network marketing. Smart companies know the future of marketing includes “social selling”, tapping individual social networks with a great product and story. Direct selling is an … Continue Reading