$1 Billion lawsuit at Ambit Energy

Former top earner essentially calls Ambit a pyramid scheme run by racist, sexist thugs. What do you think? Former distributor Nicole Gubin, said to be a top 10 earner at Ambit Energy, filed a $1B lawsuit in Brooklyn federal court … Continue Reading

Featured: Top 10 Mistakes Direct Selling Companies Make in Social Media – Direct Selling News

Here’s a revolutionary thought: The direct selling industry invented social marketing. Yes, you were the first. Way back in the day, you learned to monetize “social currency” by enabling the sale of products to people through personal relationships. You are the analog version of social marketing. Let’s call it Social Marketing “1.0”.

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Avon bribe investigation a warning to international direct sellers

Today’s Wall Street Journal ran a front page story regarding Avon‘s recent struggles complying with a tough federal law intended to prevent bribes of foreign officials. Several Avon executives have already been fired and more shakeups are likely on  the … Continue Reading