I’ll be speaking at the 2011 Direct Selling Edge Conference, Sept. 22-23

I’m honored to have been invited to present in two different sessions at this year’s Direct Selling Edge Conference in Las Vegas, NV. My topics are Advanced Marketing Strategies and Social Media Marketing for Direct Selling Companies. C’mon and let’s … Continue Reading

25 Actions Your Company Can Take To Connect with “Gen Y”

Admit it. You have no idea what to do about the next generation of technology-dependent, short attention-span, want-it-all-now Generation Y. You know, the ones with the implanted headphones cranking out an average of 300 text messages a day? How can you get their attention, much less get them to sign on with your company? … Continue Reading

More great mainstream coverage for direct selling

Business magazine highlights “the new guard” of direct selling. Following the recent WSJ industry insert comes another fine mainstream press hit for our industry, this time a quick slideshow on Inc magazine’s digital site describing a “new guard” of more … Continue Reading