Suppliers, let’s raise the bar together, for a better industry

I recently overheard some nasty talk from a direct selling supplier about another consultant in our industry. It was pretty aggressive, and I was taken aback, mainly because I knew it to be wholly untrue. Not long after, a supplier … Continue Reading

I’ll be speaking at DSA’s ‘BeConnected’ Conference, Dec 7-9

I’m excited to have been selected to present at next month’s Direct Selling Association’s BeConnected Conference in Las Vegas, NV. BeConnected is the DSA’s premier event for Direct Selling executives who manage Marketing, Communications and Salesforce Development. My presentation is … Continue Reading

In social media, business trumps popularity

A prospective social media client asked me this week, “how much do you tweet?”

My response? Having high popularity scores and constant tweeting does not mean one is effective at the BUSINESS of social media. That’s like assuming people who eat out a lot know how to run a restaurant […] … Continue Reading