Jonathan interviewed on Kevin Thompson’s direct selling industry blog

A momentum “thank you” to industry rising star Kevin Thompson for featuring us in this interview about our views on social media trends in the industry. Click here for the interview. … Continue Reading

Should your direct selling company generate its own online leads ?

Yes, but not for the reasons you might think. In my opinion, your company needs to own the acquisition of Internet leads under its brand name, not only because of its ability to help grow your company, but to protect your brand as well. A successful lead generation program can boost recruitment, reward the field, help in compliance, and even increase sales […] … Continue Reading

Top technology trends to spice up your convention

Technology is changing the way we do events. What are some of the changes in convention technology, and how can you embrace them for your direct selling company? Here are a few tools that are rising in popularity and should be considered for conventions and events. … Continue Reading

Powerful new online compliance service for Direct Sellers

We are really excited to announce our new online compliance service. FieldWatch leverages sophisticated online software and expertise to keep Direct Sellers safe. FieldWatch automates and improves the largely manual compliance processes most companies use to comply with government regulations. … Continue Reading

Industry veterans to launch huge online play

Minerva Worldwide, a new “hybrid” start-up will soon announce its pre-enrollment campaign, toward an anticipated launch in early 2012. Minerva’s innovative business model will combine retail, brand advertising, internet marketing, direct response, social media and affiliate marketing. … Continue Reading