Pinterest: Shiny new object or indispensable direct selling channel?

Is Pinterest ready to enter as the newest addition to a direct seller’s social toolbox? What can a virtual pin board do for you and your direct selling company? The answer is the same for any network: utilize it to educate, edify and celebrate your field. … Continue Reading

When building field momentum, don’t always follow your instincts

The direct selling industry’s bottom line is consistently building field momentum. To achieve momentum in corporate leadership, one of the best first steps you can take to build leadership in the field is stop following your instinct. … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Build Your Social Media Following FAST

Ever wonder how people gather giant lists of followers and fans? Is it that they were already popular or creative? No, there are also lots of boring people with huge followings who are passionate about one thing or another. So how do they do it? Better yet…how can you do it? … Continue Reading

Starting a Direct Selling company? Join Us in Vegas March 8 & 9

I’m honored to have been invited back to speak at the 2nd Annual Direct Selling Edge Conference in Las Vegas, NV. My topics this year are Advanced Marketing Strategies and Social Media Marketing for Direct Selling Companies. … Continue Reading