Facebook’s new Timeline? More Work for Direct Sellers

Not everyone is in love with Facebook’s new Timeline format. It looks more like a personal profile page, so what’s the point for companies?

Well, one great thing to come from it is it will lead to more interactive and fresher content. Why? Because there are no more landing pages or default tabs. You know, those sales-y welcome pages with an arrow pointing to the Like button saying “Like Us?” That’s over. Businesses won’t be able to use tabs to cover up for a lack of activity and regular updating. … Continue Reading

Social Media Online Training for Networkers

Social Media for Direct Selling, a simple-to-use and proven online training course designed to bring distributors the practical social media skills that will build business, maximizing their connections and minimizing time spent online. … Continue Reading

Is Polyvore the Next Pinterest?

Pinterest is sooo 2012. Polyvore may be the next big thing for beauty and fashion-related direct sellers. Just when you thought you were on top of everything social, out pops a new network to learn. Today’s hit: Polyvore. Yes there are many tools out … Continue Reading

Jonathan to Speak at DSA 2012: “Making Mobile Work”

Really excited to have been selected again to present at the Direct Selling Association’s Annual Meeting. With my co-presenter Jonathan Ducos of LifeMax, we will “unveil” the much anticipated results of the  2012 Mobile App Review. Please come join us! Promise it will … Continue Reading