Creating a Pinterest Strategy That Gets Direct Selling Results

Pinterest is the latest gift for Direct Sellers from social media Heaven. Direct Selling companies would do well to embrace it, now. By Maria Duron, Director of Client Communities, Momentum Factor.  Pinterest is an online pinboard where users can organize things … Continue Reading

Avon—A Cautionary Tale

  Any direct selling company feeling pressure to wander outside the model would do well to read this very well-written article from Fortune Magazine. Years ago, Avon forgot was who it is, and whom it serves.

Why did Facebook pay $1B CASH for tiny startup Instagram?

Colossal acquisition of tiny startup Instagram, in advance of the Facebook IPO. Was it worth it? Let’s consider what they get: 1. Local data: “where were you when you took this photo?” 2. Personal data: “what are your photos about” 3. … Continue Reading