New Social Media Service for Startups

New service is aimed at growing young direct selling companies…fast! You already know us as the firm who can turn-key manage your social media presence, beautifully and with real results. Now we’re offering a comprehensive strategy, coaching and execution program … Continue Reading

Jamie Oliver Coming to America as a Direct Seller

British celebrity chef and food education advocate Jamie Oliver is coming to North America — this time with the direct selling company, Jamie Oliver At Home. … Continue Reading

Herbalife Income Disclosure Statements Highlight Common Misconception

As part of the ongoing Herbalife short seller saga, Herbalife recently released their 2012 income disclosure statement. The first paragraph immediately highlights one of the common misconceptions about direct selling. Many people mistakenly believe that most (or at least a … Continue Reading

Investments in Chloe & Isabel Validate Social Approach

More investment in our industry from the venture community. One of our favorite companies too! Our take? The company’s modern, social-based approach to direct selling makes the difference. See the article on TechCrunch.

Social Media: Are you planting seeds or picking fruit?

Sometimes you can’t wait for a harvest, so you hit the store and pick exactly what you want. If you are willing to pay you can just walk up and have your fill. But it will cost you. … Continue Reading