Herbalife wins dismissal of ‘pyramid scheme’ lawsuit

Judge says company “openly disclosed” its risk. A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Herbalife Ltd and its chief executive officer of misrepresenting the weight-loss and nutritional products maker’s sales practices as legitimate when the company was “at its … Continue Reading

Should direct sellers get proactive about risk?

Great post from Harvard Business Review on how risk should be integrated in a company’s day-to-day operation rather than a side function. We believe direct sellers should be proactive in identifying risk when it comes to distributor compliance. In our … Continue Reading

Can Instagram Stop Insta-spam?

Our social and online reputation teams have noticed a recent rise in what we affectionately refer to here as “Insta-spam.” That is, spam bots leaving fake comments from fake profiles, or hashtag hijackers posting dozens if not hundreds of often … Continue Reading