Great article from on the amount of time it can take for reputation repair to be successful. Considering how important an asset your reputation is, the investment in improvement is worth the wait.


To the uninitiated, merely publishing websites, web pages, articles, social media profiles and images may seem like it ought to be sufficient to displace a few negative items, but that’s typically not the case.

Even though Google and Bing have advanced considerably over time, a bedrock element of their functioning involves evaluating the number and quality of links pointing to all of the materials that are relevant for a particular name search.

High-quality links rarely can happen overnight. They need to be developed, and this requires time. A well-established news site or reviews site may have spent many years developing inlinks and ranking ability which cannot be overcome in just a few days by your competing content.

While search engine rankings could once be manipulated by buying hundreds of links at once, they are far more sophisticated today, and they can detect paid links and unnatural linking patterns very rapidly.

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