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5 Ways to Build Your Social Media Following FAST

by Jonathan Gilliam, Momentum Factor


Ever wonder how people gather giant lists of followers and fans on social media? Is it that they were already popular? No, the internet teems with un-famous people who influence millions online. Is it that they are so creative? No, there are also lots of boring people with huge followings who are passionate about one thing or another.

So how do they do it? Better yet, how can you do it?

  1. Follow the right people. Follow people who have recently followed the same people you follow. Follow anyone who seems genuinely interested, and interesting, about your topics. Doing this effectively requires manual clicking and actually reading tweets and posts. Can’t automate it.
  2. Ask a lot of open-ended questions. Yes, we all know now it’s important to ask questions on social media. But what most don’t understand it that questions are the start, not end, of the conversation. When you get an answer, someone just engaged with you — now it’s time to keep the conversation going! If things work out, others will join in.
  3. Become a high-value tweeter. Learn to give people things that they will find valuable. Does your latest promotion really give them value? Or is it just something you hope will get attention or worse, a need you need filled because you have a financial goal to hit?
  4. Tie all your networks together. Send visitors from one of your platforms to another, then feed another, then another. For example, refer people to your YouTube channel from Facebook, then send them to your blog, etc.
  5. It all starts with YOU.  Social media is no place for wallflowers. You can’t wait for others to include you. Share things from others and demonstrate interest in them. Re-tweet interesting and valuable info from others. Everything in social media is a “you first” activity.
If you follow me much (you can do so here and here), you’ve heard me say that social media is not a “set and forget” environment. It is real work. Just like any other business goal you are trying to reach it requires a commitment of time and resources to get good results. If you’re not committed, you’re just posing. Read my article “Top 10 Mistakes Direct Selling Companies Make in Social Media” then contact me for a free consultation.
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