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Momentum Factor wins 2017 DSA Partnership Award

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Momentum Factor... Who We Are

Momentum Factor is the leading digital risk management firm specializing in online compliance monitoring and global online reputation management services and technologies. Our passion and mission are to protect companies from the brand and regulatory risks associated with online and social media technologies.

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Our Why

Early on in his career, our founder and CEO, Jonathan Gilliam, worked for a successful direct seller of nutritional products. During his time with the company, Jonathan realized there just wasn’t a good system for monitoring online violations and protecting everything that had been built. Soon after, Jonathan founded Momentum Factor and developed a suite of solutions to protect direct sellers from online compliance risks. This is why Momentum Factor has revolutionized the direct selling industry’s approach to compliance — to improve the efficacy of risk management by using a compliance model with no gaps for violations to fall through.

And why the name Momentum Factor, you ask? Momentum is key for any business to succeed. In order to maintain it, you need to avoid risk. Momentum Factor protects you and your business from risk in order to keep momentum on your side.

Our Expertise

Momentum Factor CEO Jonathan Gilliam shares his expertise at a Direct Selling Conference

With decades of direct selling (multi-level marketing, MLM or network marketing) industry experience, both in the field and from the corporate level, our team builds offerings with direct selling companies in mind.

Our client profile consists of global direct sellers, fast-growth direct sellers, and start-up direct sellers. We work to maximize performance for these clients by increasing revenue, protecting brands, engaging the field as well as customers, and multiplying momentum.

We are also active members of the following direct selling associations:

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Our Values

“In my opinion, values are more than simple statements like ‘we have integrity’ or ‘we put our clients first.’ Our values represent powerful ideas about who we are as a firm and how we make decisions under uncertainty or duress, and importantly, what we could give up if we had to make a choice.”

– Jonathan Gilliam

Jonathan Gilliam
  1. We Care About Each Other.
    • We Care About Our Business.
      • We Work Smart, We Hire Smart.
        • We Have Can-Do Attitudes.
          • We Have Fun.

            Our Awards

            Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to earn some recognition for our efforts in both business and company culture. We pride ourselves in building relationships that last not only with our customers but also with our employees.

            Our Services

            We offer a spectrum of software as a service (SaaS) and consulting solutions that span the entire compliance lifecycle. Here is a brief overview of each of our offerings:

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            Our flagship product is the world’s leading online brand protection and compliance monitoring solution for the direct sales channel. It identifies violations as they happen to remedy issues as they arise. 

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            Part of the FieldWatch family, this add-on product provides customized video training and education to targeted violators in order to prevent future infractions and reduce overall compliance issues.

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            Part of the FieldWatch family, this add-on service aids in eliminating unauthorized sellers on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay – saving thousands of dollars in lost sales annually.

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            Our newest product is the world’s first mobile compliance solution for direct sellers. It prevents illegal claims before they ever go out while also educating your field on compliant messaging.

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            Our online reputation management program protects brands worldwide from threats that will tarnish the reputations companies have worked so hard to build on search engines and beyond.

            Our Process

            1. Discovery Meeting – An introduction to the department staff and workflow, as well as a chance for you and your team to express your goals and expectations to the people who will be directly involved with the program. Next steps and login info will follow this meeting and be provided to you by your client success specialist.
              • Policy & Procedure Review – Our team will review your compliance policies and hot spots, allowing us to provide specific, actionable surveillance results.
                • Kickoff – Once the initial meeting series is completed, you’ll be good to go! Day-to-day communication will take place with the team and your client success specialist. Additionally, please feel free to contact anyone on the sales or executive team with any questions during the onboarding process. We’re here for you!
                  • Monthly Success Meeting – Every month your assigned client success specialist will meet with you and your team to review the program and address any needs or questions.
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