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Article – Google Algorithm Change Causes SEO/ORM Panic

Google Algorithm
Last week, Google tweaked its algorithm and up ended the online reputation world. According to an article from Business Insider:

“Tuesday, April 24th, a day that by all accounts seemed normal until, for some site owners, a pretty noticeable drop in rankings changed things. Was it another, rougher iteration of Panda? An extension of that pesky “no ads above the fold” algorithm change? Was it the famed and feared over-optimization penalty that has been looming over our heads since Matt Cutts mentioned it a few months back?

The reason we waited about a week to blog about this is that we wanted the dust to settle. We wanted to see how people reacted, and what kind of effect Penguin would actually have on websites and their owners. This algorithm comes down, essentially, to the age-old battle of the “white hat” versus the “black hat” SEO. “Rewarding” high-quality and punishing black hat webspam is the goal of this algorithm, according to Google.”

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Momentum Factor’s work in this area was not punished — thankfully — but the black-hats and blog networks (which most of our competitors use) got killed. Our long-term strategy of real traffic, real authorship and real interaction rewards our clients once again.

If you need help with your online reputation, now is the perfect time to talk to us about BrandDefense.

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