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FTC - Protecting America's Consumers - Protecting America's Consumers

FTC Sends Warning Letters to Influencers Regarding Improper Social Posts

Jonathan GilliamNovember 17, 2023
The FTC has issued warning letters to a pair of trade associations and at least a dozen influencers regarding improper social media posts. Notably, each letter also included the FTC’s notice of penalty offenses concerning misleading endorsements and indicated that the recipient could face civil penalties of up to $50,120 per violation.
Neora wins case against FTC.

Neora Wins Case Against FTC

Jonathan GilliamSeptember 28, 2023
In an important regulatory decision for the direct selling industry, Neora has won its case against the FTC. Read the full press release here.
Unauthorized Sellers Are Hurting Your Bottom Line & Field

Addressing the Unauthorized Seller Problem

Jonathan GilliamSeptember 28, 2023
Unauthorized sellers battle with companies for consumer dollars, and customers look for the quickest, cheapest way to get the product on their doorstep. This severely impacts a direct seller's bottom line and, most importantly, hurts the field, as they often cannot compete with the cut-rate prices found online.
FTC - Protecting America's Consumers - Protecting America's Consumers

Press Release – FTC Announces Proposed Rule Banning Fake Reviews & Testimonials

Jonathan GilliamJune 30, 2023
One day after releasing updated Advertising Guides to combat deceptive reviews and endorsements, the FTC has announced a proposed rule to ban fake reviews and testimonials. This marks yet another action taken by the Commission to prevent deceptive advertising practices and protect consumers.
FTC - Federal Trade Commission and Influencer Marketing

Article – FTC Sends Penalty Offense Notices for Product Claims to Nearly 700 Companies

Jonathan GilliamApril 14, 2023
The FTC has sent new penalty offense notices to 670 companies regarding product claims substantiation as of April 13. These notices warned companies, including some direct sellers, that a failure to substantiate product claims could result in civil penalties in excess of $50,000. Check out this article from Kelley Drye to learn more.
FTC - Protecting America's Consumers - Protecting America's Consumers

FTC to Host Public Forum on Proposed Rule to Ban Noncompetes

Jonathan GilliamFebruary 6, 2023
The FTC has announced that it will hold a public forum on Thursday, February 16 to examine the commission's proposed rule to ban noncompete clauses. For full details, continue reading the full announcement here.
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