Be Fun or Be Done

Like it or not, today’s corporations – especially in network marketing – are in demand to serve as providers of information and entertainment as much as they are a product or service.

The most progressive MLM companies today are laser focused on their “relationship experience” with their field. Companies like Mary Kay, Pampered Chef and Scentsy for example, all have created a brand and personality that demonstrate fun and a sense of belonging.

In network marketing, we are in the lifestyle business. By lifestyle, I don’t mean the “you too can have this car!” lifestyle; I mean a place for people to belong and feel a part of something bigger than themselves. A place to learn and grow and yes add to their income. But your volunteer army will not work for you unless it is fun for them.

This is a primary driver for recruitment and retention. If you don’t figure out how to build this culture, you will forever be stuck in churn-land – having to rebuild your business once or even twice a year. And that’s not much fun.

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