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Lifecycle Compliance from Momentum Factor - Providing 360-Degree Compliance Protection

What is Lifecycle Compliance?

Mike ForcucciAugust 11, 2022
Although you've seen it on the front page of our website and you've heard our team talk about it, are you still wondering what exactly is Lifecycle Compliance? We thought you might be. To clear up any confusion and clarify how Lifecycle Compliance can benefit your company, our team put together the following explainer video.
FTC Case Court Decision - Social Selling News Article

Article – FTC Handed Major Courtroom Setback

Jonathan GilliamAugust 4, 2022
This is major news for the direct selling industry - the FTC has been handed a major courtroom setback in an anti-pyramid case that shut down a direct seller back in May. Learn more from Social Selling News.
FieldWatch Newsletter - Q3 Edition for 2022 is hitting inboxes now!

The Latest FieldWatch Newsletter is Out!

Mike ForcucciJuly 28, 2022
Check your inbox as our most recent FieldWatch Newsletter has been released! Chock full of the latest news and insights for FieldWatchers everywhere, this digital newsletter is never one to miss. Check out the Q3 edition today.
FieldWatch Certification from Momentum Factor

Introducing FieldWatch Certification!

Mike ForcucciJuly 26, 2022
How would you like to have your entire compliance team certified in the World's #1 Brand Protection & Compliance Monitoring Solution? The FieldWatch Certification Program from Momentum Factor offers exactly that!
FTC - AEI Blog Post Article

Article – Is FTC Seeking More Rules & Less Public Input?

Jonathan GilliamJune 22, 2022
A report published by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) delved into efforts by the FTC to speed up decision-making processes through the establishment of rulemaking frameworks with less public input and more political control. AEI recently held a panel discussion with former FTC leaders to discuss the findings of the report and the direction of the current commission.
Momentum Factor Newsletter released for Q2 of 2022

Our Latest Newsletter is Now Available!

Mike ForcucciJune 21, 2022
The second Momentum Factor Social Selling Update Quarterly Newsletter of 2022 is hitting inboxes now! Don't miss out on all of the professional news and insights for the direct selling executive.
Digital Influencer utilizing social selling

Risk & The Rise of the Digital Influencer

Jonathan GilliamJune 21, 2022
You may have thought to yourself, “it seems like just about anyone can be an influencer these days,” and you’d be correct. Young people are finding it easier than ever to monetize the now-marketable skill of content creation. The transition from long-form to short-form content created a higher demand for more content, and thus more digital content creators. 

Article – How will FTC Endorsement Guide Changes Impact Influencer Marketing?

Jonathan GilliamJune 10, 2022
The use of influencers has become a major part of many marketing strategies in recent years. While there has always been a risk in terms of regulatory compliance regarding influencer marketing, businesses could face even more challenges with the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) proposed Endorsement Guide changes.
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