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5 Tips to Reduce Churn in Network Marketing Companies

Jonathan GilliamOctober 8, 2010
Momentum Factor's first client has me deep diving into what it is that keeps a customer happy and on board. It's a wonderful first project for my little firm and I am eager to deliver for this great network marketing company.
Momentum Factor - Blog - The JG Factor

Be Fun or Be Done

Jonathan GilliamOctober 6, 2010
Like it or not, today's corporations - especially in network marketing - are in demand to serve as providers of information and entertainment as much as they are a product or service.
Momentum Factor - Blog - The JG Factor

2010 Social Commerce Summit Interview

Jonathan GilliamSeptember 30, 2010
Spent a few days at the Social Commerce Summit 2010 in Austin recently. Lots of sharing, thinking and learning about the future of social media and its application to business and marketing.
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