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Don’t Wait for a Regulator Nasty-Gram

Jonathan GilliamJanuary 11, 2011
Any direct selling executive knows that one of the greatest ongoing threats to their company is an action by a governmental regulator based on overblown income or product claims made by distributors.
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Global Ambitions? Tips for Winning on Social Media Internationally

Jonathan GilliamDecember 14, 2010
I sat in recently on a client's annual convention and it was a blast. Lots of energy and fun for this company that does a large amount of its business in places like China, Korea and Mexico. Which got me thinking, how can we capture all this excitement in far-flung countries via the social web, as we do in the US? Believe it or not, millions of people outside the US are using social media, and a large number of them aren't using it the same way we are.
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Time for a Hype-Ectomy?

Jonathan GilliamNovember 19, 2010
Are people skeptical about your products? Do they reject your product or promise out of hand? People are naturally averse to hype. In personal lives, in politics, and especially in network marketing. Perhaps it's the industry's larger-than-life personalities or maybe an unfounded fear that if we don't scream about something it won't be heard.
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The 5 Types of Online Complainers & What You Can Do About Them

Jonathan GilliamNovember 3, 2010
What could be more discouraging than working all day to build trust and excitement about your company, then seeing your company bashed and its execs persecuted online? You will hear me say again and again that in our business, trust is everything, and in many cases that trust can be severed in an instant by internet “commenters” or online complainers with too much time on their hands.
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Should You Respond to Negative Online Comments?

Jonathan GilliamOctober 25, 2010
To click or not to click, that is the question. Mainstream social web consultants often advise clients to "NOT click or respond" to negative online comments or forum posts for fear of doing so will drive up search relevance of offending links. This is not accurate.
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Top 10 Mistakes Direct Selling Companies Make in Social Media

Jonathan GilliamOctober 14, 2010
It seems natural that companies whose primary driver is person-to-person relationships would have jumped on the social media bandwagon early on and embraced it, singing "hallelujah!" the whole way. You would think. Network marketing companies have been too slow to adopt social and have been left behind by many other more progressive consumer industries.
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5 Tips to Reduce Churn in Direct Selling Companies

Jonathan GilliamOctober 8, 2010
Momentum Factor's first client has me deep diving into what it is that keeps a customer happy and on board. The network marketing business is world-class at adding customers and distributors - we build a base faster and more profitably than most consumer businesses. However, we are just as good at losing them, with an average churn of 75% in 90 days.
2010 Social Commerce Summit in Austin, Texas

Jonathan Gilliam Interview at 2010 Social Commerce Summit

Jonathan GilliamSeptember 30, 2010
Momentum Factor Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam recently spent a few days at the 2010 Social Commerce Summit in Austin when he was the CMO of Evolv Health. The summit included lots of sharing, thinking and learning about the future of social media and its application to business and marketing.
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