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Case Studies

FieldWatch protects Neora

Case Study: FieldWatch – Landmark Victory

In a precedent-setting legal battle that spanned nearly seven years, Neora triumphed over the FTC. Neora’s victory emanated from the robustness of its compliance program, significantly powered by Momentum Factor's flagship compliance monitoring solution, FieldWatch. This case study delves into the intricate details of this remarkable legal tussle, highlighting the key factors that contributed to Neora's win, and exploring the broader implications of the judgment.

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Compliance Files

Case Study: FieldWatch – Spinning Wheels

Upon its engagement, Momentum Factor conducted a thorough examination of the company’s current risk mitigation efforts. It soon became evident that the company’s risk mitigation profile could be managed by Momentum Factor’s signature FieldWatch compliance monitoring and management solution.

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Case Study: FieldWatch – Malnourished

Momentum Factor swept in to help the company turn their compliance challenges around. Needing help in managing the millions of data that seemed evasive to its in-house team of specialists, Momentum Factor knew it could create a multi-pronged approach that would throw a lasso around the company’s online reputation. This strategy would demonstrate to the FDA, its reps, and its customers that it was serious about state and federal compliance, and the success of the brand as a whole.

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