FieldWatch protects Neora

Case Study: FieldWatch – Landmark Victory


In a precedent-setting legal battle that spanned nearly seven years, Neora, a notable direct selling or multi-level marketing (MLM) company specializing in skincare and wellness products, triumphed over the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Neora’s victory emanated from the robustness of its compliance program, significantly powered by Momentum Factor’s flagship compliance monitoring solution, FieldWatch™. This case study delves into the intricate details of this remarkable legal tussle, highlighting the key factors that contributed to Neora’s win, and exploring the broader implications of the judgment.



Neora was accused by the FTC of operating under a pyramid scheme model, an allegation that the company vehemently denied. Rather than yielding to the FTC’s pressure, Neora chose to proactively challenge the regulatory body’s claims in a federal court, standing firm in its assertion of operating an ethical and legitimate business.



Robust Compliance Program

Neora’s defense was significantly bolstered by its comprehensive compliance program. A pivotal element in this program was FieldWatch™ by Momentum Factor, which empowered the company to maintain high standards of integrity and accountability, ensuring that business operations were conducted within the legal frameworks.

Solid Foundation & Product Value

The company emphasized its strong foundation, grounded in science-based products that offered true market value. Neora was also able to demonstrate a significant non-distributor customer base, accounting for nearly 80% of its total revenue, reinforcing the legitimacy of its business model.

Support & Growth During Legal Tussle

Despite the ongoing legal battle, Neora exhibited resilience and business continuity, with most field leaders remaining steadfast, and the company experiencing some periods of high growth.



The court ruled in favor of Neora, invalidating the FTC’s allegations. The ruling was seen as a testament to Neora’s commitment to ethical business practices and a recognition of the effectiveness of its compliance mechanisms, including the instrumental role of FieldWatch™.



Setting a Powerful Precedent

Neora’s win is viewed as a landmark victory that could serve as a powerful precedent for protecting the rights of legitimate direct-selling companies and entrepreneurs in various industries against regulatory overreach.

Boosting Entrepreneurial Spirits

The judgment is seen as a win for American entrepreneurship, reinforcing the concept of business autonomy and fairness in regulatory scrutiny.

Promoting Industry Standards & Ethical Practices

Neora’s commitment to integrity and accountability, underscored by its use of FieldWatch™, could encourage other companies to bolster their compliance programs, fostering ethical practices within the direct selling / MLM industry.



Neora’s victory against the FTC is more than a mere legal win. It’s an affirmation of the company’s adherence to ethical practices, the solidity of its business model, and the robustness of its compliance program powered by FieldWatch™. This case study illustrates the vitality of a strong compliance foundation in navigating regulatory challenges and fostering sustainable business practices within the direct selling / MLM landscape.

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