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Forrester Research TechRadar features FieldWatch

Another Win for FieldWatch Compliance!

Jonathan GilliamDecember 5, 2015
Momentum Factor's FieldWatch™ platform was recently featured in yet another Forrester Report: TechRadar™: Risk Management, 2015.
FTC & Regulators - Relationship with Direct Sellers

Direct Selling & Regulators – Innovation, Not Infraction

Jonathan GilliamOctober 12, 2015
Every time a direct seller has an issue with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), critics of the industry are quick to jump on it, hailing it as a step in the right direction towards shutting down multi-level marketing completely. They’ll say that it is finally being outed as an unsustainable business practice — that they’re all just pyramid schemes in disguise.
Momentum Factor Webcast - The Vemma Case Ruling: What Now?

Momentum Factor Webcast – The Vemma Case Ruling: What Now?

Jonathan GilliamSeptember 19, 2015
Judge John J. Tuchi yesterday amended his temporary restraining order in the Vemma case – and it has HUGE ramifications for direct sellers. Join us on Tuesday, September 22 at 1 pm Central for a critical update webcast to discuss these important industry developments.
Facebook Mobile Icon - Do Dislikes Provide a Business Challenge?

What Will a Facebook “Dislike” Button Mean for Direct Sellers?

Jonathan GilliamSeptember 17, 2015
Mark Zuckerberg just announced in a public Q&A that Facebook is working on adding a new button to its commenting features. Though some have jumped to the conclusion that this will be equivalent to a “dislike” button, Zuckerberg left room for interpretation about what exactly the buttons will do.
FDA Policies on Homeopathic Products - Washington Post Article

Article – FDA to Revisit its Policies on Homeopathic Products

Jonathan GilliamApril 20, 2015
The FDA says it wants input on whether it needs to do more to ensure that remedies are safe and effective. This article from The Washington Post examines the desire of the FDA to revisit its oversight on homeopathic products.
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