Dos & Don’ts of ethics training

With field members pushing the limits of social media, your direct selling company is facing a whole new level of training responsibility. But tight compliance budgets and limited training resources have many company execs asking “what’s the best bang for … Read More

2017 Partnership Award Finalist

We are delighted to announce that our firm has been named a Finalist for the 2017 DSA Partnership award. Thank you DSA for your support and recognition! The overall winner will be announced at DSA Annual on June 4th, fingers … Continue Reading

The Industry Can Change from Within | A Chat with Jonathan Gilliam, CEO

Momentum Factor CEO Jonathan Gilliam was featured today in’s podcast to provide his thoughts about compliance challenges, reputation issues, and what direct selling companies can do to train their distributors, shape their culture, and prevent illegal claims and damage to … Continue Reading

Skincare Products: When does marketing cross the line?

Following is an informative guest post from attorney Kevin Thompson about the tough balance skin care companies must address in distributor marketing and compliance.  By Kevin Thompson, Thompson Burton PLLC Skincare has been a staple category in the network marketing industry for generations. In … Continue Reading

Jonathan to Speak at the Fall 2014 Direct Selling Symposium

Join us at the Direct Selling Symposium, the premier educational experience for starting and growing a direct selling company. Jonathan will be presenting on topics of social media and digital marketing for early stage companies. We are very proud to … Continue Reading

Guest post: How are party plans and MLM different?

In our practice we often notice confusion among new entrants to the industry about how party plans and mlm-style companies differ, especially with regard to compensation. Often it is a company just starting out and seeking to become one of these, but not really knowing how to differentiate from the other. Here’s a handy list we put together that may shed some light for newbies and a good refresher for those more experienced. … Continue Reading

2012 Direct Selling Mobile App Review – Download Now (Free)

We are pleased to submit to you the 2012 Direct Selling Industry Mobile App Report, complimentary from our team. Our goal with this report is to provide an independent review of available apps and services to direct sellers so that company executives may make informed decisions about how to move forward with their own mobile efforts. … Continue Reading

7 Top Reasons Direct Selling Companies MUST Go Mobile in 2012

No doubt you are hearing from your field about mobile. The fact is nearly half of your distributors — and everyone they meet — are on a smartphone. App usage now actually exceeds web usage for the first time ever. Mobile traffic is due to increase 2600% by 2014*—only TWO years away. … Continue Reading

Are “Tweener” companies the next big trend in direct selling?

Tweener [tween-er] n. — A company too big for affiliate marketing and too small for network marketing. Smart companies know the future of marketing includes “social selling”, tapping individual social networks with a great product and story. Direct selling is an … Continue Reading