Are Millennials the Greatest Generation?

Flexible hours, freedom, and cash? It seems Millennials want the things Direct Sellers can provide. 32% believe they will be working ‘mainly flexible hours’ in the future. 38% are freelancing, versus 32% of those over the age of 35. ~20% … Continue Reading

Can Direct Selling Survive the Uber Economy?

The rise of “gig” apps presents a real threat to the direct selling model. Is it time to shift your message? By Jonathan Gilliam, Founder If you haven’t taken part in the “gig economy”, you will soon. Powered by the … Continue Reading

Free Whitepaper: “New World, New Compliance: The Critical Importance of Compliance Monitoring for Direct Selling Companies.”

Direct sellers are at great risk from uncontrolled activities by the field with regard to product claims, income claims, product dumping, trademarks and more, and are increasingly paying a steep price in credibility, reputation, regulatory risk and legal fees. … Continue Reading

Want to Know Your Social Media’s True Value?

How can you measure social media success from a key performance point-of-view? We call it “Return on Engagement”, or ROE. ROE is a measure not of cash returns but of the value that grows over time through relationships, viral exposure and loyalty. … Continue Reading

Too Bad, So Sad: Ackman’s Bets Against Herbalife Send Fund Flailing

Those in our industry who are following the Herbalife/Ackman battle can take some comfort in the news that the short seller is losing big in the markets and, more interestingly, appears to be losing his battle with Herbalife (HBL), now … Continue Reading

Are teens fleeing Facebook or not?

Great article from @FortuneMagazine  about whether or not teens are abandoning the platform. Zuckerburg says no — and the data suggests they are still well-engaged. What does this all mean for future direct sellers? You be the judge. Go to … Continue Reading

6 Facebook Mythbusters for Direct Sellers

Some direct sellers still cling to old ideas about Facebook. Here are a few myths that need busting. Wonder why your company’s Facebook page isn’t performing as well as it could be? Hard to know. Direct selling companies all have … Continue Reading

Get ready for a million #sillyhashtags

Facebook has announced it will finally be adding Hashtags to its system to help users discover and jump to conversations more quickly and easily. … Continue Reading

Social Media: Are you planting seeds or picking fruit?

Sometimes you can’t wait for a harvest, so you hit the store and pick exactly what you want. If you are willing to pay you can just walk up and have your fill. But it will cost you. … Continue Reading

CNN calls on Momo to take pulse of SXSW Interactive

When CNN needs cutting-edge opinions about the technology and marketing world, they turn to Momentum Factor and Stephanie Wonderlin, Senior Manager of Client Services. … Continue Reading