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Association of Network Marketing Professional (ANMP) Convention

“No More Bullsh*t” Presentation at ANMP Convention

Jonathan GilliamMarch 9, 2011
Momentum Factor Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam just returned from his presentation at the ANMP Convention in Las Vegas where he and his co-presenter Mel Atwood shook up the industry, just a bit - calling for an end to hype and over-promising with a presentation titled "No More Bullsh*t" and for a new industry movement toward authenticity in everything direct sellers do.
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Are “Tweener” Companies the Next Big Trend in Direct Selling?

Jonathan GilliamMarch 9, 2011
Smart companies know the future of marketing includes "social selling", tapping individual social networks with a great product and story. Direct selling is an optimal way to do this, only most companies who see promise in the model do not necessarily need the infrastructure of a full-fledged direct selling company. Recently, demand for a deeper social selling has attracted to our industry a new kind of company, the "Tweener."
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Mass Emails Driving Your Field Crazy?

Jonathan GilliamFebruary 8, 2011
With all the upline and downline messages, event flyers, congrats, alerts, news and promotions your distributors receive, it's a wonder there's time for anyone to sell. Most email gets scanned and trashed, with only a few select messages worthy of reading. Your email needs to be one that shines through the clutter.
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How to Prevent Your Own Facebook Apocalypse

Jonathan GilliamJanuary 20, 2011
Last week. a friend's Facebook account was hijacked. While he was traveling, the criminals who overtook his account immediately launched a well-known money scam in an attempt to extract money from his friends. Fortunately, his friends alerted him, and it was quickly reported it to Facebook, who disabled his account the next day.
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Don’t Wait for a Regulator Nasty-Gram

Jonathan GilliamJanuary 11, 2011
Any direct selling executive knows that one of the greatest ongoing threats to their company is an action by a governmental regulator based on overblown income or product claims made by distributors.
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Global Ambitions? Tips for Winning on Social Media Internationally

Jonathan GilliamDecember 14, 2010
I sat in recently on a client's annual convention and it was a blast. Lots of energy and fun for this company that does a large amount of its business in places like China, Korea and Mexico. Which got me thinking, how can we capture all this excitement in far-flung countries via the social web, as we do in the US? Believe it or not, millions of people outside the US are using social media, and a large number of them aren't using it the same way we are.
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Time for a Hype-Ectomy?

Jonathan GilliamNovember 19, 2010
Are people skeptical about your products? Do they reject your product or promise out of hand? People are naturally averse to hype. In personal lives, in politics, and especially in network marketing. Perhaps it's the industry's larger-than-life personalities or maybe an unfounded fear that if we don't scream about something it won't be heard.
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The 5 Types of Online Complainers & What You Can Do About Them

Jonathan GilliamNovember 3, 2010
What could be more discouraging than working all day to build trust and excitement about your company, then seeing your company bashed and its execs persecuted online? You will hear me say again and again that in our business, trust is everything, and in many cases that trust can be severed in an instant by internet “commenters” or online complainers with too much time on their hands.
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