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Did ZeekRewards.com Ever Even Have a Product?

Jonathan Gilliam
August 17, 2012
No doubt you've heard about what is turning into national news. The SEC says ZeekRewards.com is an online Ponzi scheme, and the news has cast a pall over the industry. You can read the SEC filing here.
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Gen Y is Committed to Mobile. Really Committed.

Jonathan Gilliam
August 15, 2012
Exactly how committed to technology is Gen Y? Learn more by checking out this video clip of Momentum Factor Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam's presentation at the 2012 DSA Conference in June.
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Short-Sellers Still Attacking Direct Sellers – This Time in China

Jonathan Gilliam
August 8, 2012
You may recall in May the news from the Wall Street Journal about short sellers taking on direct sellers for alleged improper crediting of personal consumption figures toward revenue. The actions of a few short-sellers sent industry's public stocks into a tailspin as the herd reacted to these irresponsible — and erroneous — claims. And now it's happening again.
2012 Direct Selling Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah - Featured Speaker Jonathan Gilliam

Jonathan Gilliam to Speak at the 2012 Direct Selling Symposium

Jonathan Gilliam
August 6, 2012
Momentum Factor Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam has been invited to speak at this year's Direct Selling Symposium seminar for start-ups and growth companies in Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference is sponsored by LaunchSmart and features some of the best minds and most well-known expert consultants that the direct selling industry has to offer.
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Rumors of Social Media’s Death Greatly Exaggerated?

Jonathan Gilliam
July 30, 2012
The last few weeks have been hard on social media firms. Facebook's shares took another dive after "disappointing results", and reports of Zynga's "game fatigue" have sunk theirs as well.
Guest Post from David Taylor - MLM vs. Party Plans

Guest Post – How Are Party Plans and MLM Different?

Jonathan Gilliam
July 13, 2012
In our practice we often notice confusion among new entrants to the industry about how party plans and mlm-style companies differ, especially with regard to compensation. Often it is a company just starting out and seeking to become one of these, but not really knowing how to differentiate from the other.
Content on Various Media Platforms

Crank Out That Content

Jonathan Gilliam
June 12, 2012
Today, how often you publish content is more important than the consistency of your message. It used to be that consistency and branding were the name of the game. Drive home a consistent, simple message, the old wisdom went, and people would gravitate to your offering. But times have changed.
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