Federal Trade Commission - Section 19 Case - JD Supra Article

Article – FTC Successfully Uses Section 19 to Obtain Restitution

Jonathan GilliamSeptember 22, 2021
By successfully utilizing Section 19 of the FTC Act, the Federal Trade Commission has found a new avenue to restitution after Section 13(b) was vacated by the Fifth Circuit. An article from JD Supra details this important development.
Federal Trade Commission - Kelley Drye Article

Article – Federal Trade Commission Finds New Avenues to Counter Section 13(b) Decision

Jonathan GilliamJune 10, 2021
Although the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was dealt a blow from the Supreme Court's ruling on Section 13(b), the commission is not sitting idle following the decision. Instead, the FTC has gone on the offensive with new measures in order to obtain monetary relief for perceived consumer injury. Read more about their efforts in this article from KelleyDrye.
FTC Rulemaking Group - Social Selling News Article

Article – FTC Announces New Rulemaking Group

Jonathan GilliamApril 7, 2021
The FTC has announced that the agency is creating a new and dedicated “rulemaking group,” a move that would strengthen the FTC's ability to invoke civil penalties outside its historical use of 13(b).
Prime & Punishment - Amazon Marketplace - The Verge Article

Article – Dirty Dealing in the $175B Amazon Marketplace

Jonathan GilliamMarch 4, 2019
Fake reviews on Amazon and other online marketplaces are a major problem for consumers and businesses alike. For companies, these false review can not only hurt their online reputation, but can cost them their sales channel entirely.
Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council

Article – Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council Launches

Jonathan GilliamJanuary 3, 2019
Last August, Social Selling News reported on the U.S. Direct Selling Association’s (DSA) announcement of the formation of a new self-regulatory body that would monitor and act upon all companies identified as direct sellers and multi-level marketers, whether or not they are members of the industry association. The entity is now live and has a name: the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC).
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