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FTC Sends Warning Letters to Influencers Regarding Improper Social Posts

Jonathan Gilliam
November 17, 2023
The FTC has issued warning letters to a pair of trade associations and at least a dozen influencers regarding improper social media posts. Notably, each letter also included the FTC’s notice of penalty offenses concerning misleading endorsements and indicated that the recipient could face civil penalties of up to $50,120 per violation.
Lifecycle Compliance from Momentum Factor - Providing 360-Degree Compliance Protection

What is Lifecycle Compliance?

Mike Forcucci
August 11, 2022
Although you've seen it on the front page of our website and you've heard our team talk about it, are you still wondering what exactly is Lifecycle Compliance? We thought you might be. To clear up any confusion and clarify how Lifecycle Compliance can benefit your company, our team put together the following explainer video.
Viewing Search Results on a Laptop

It’s Time to Fix Your Online Reputation & Improve Every Part of Your Business.

Jonathan Gilliam
November 29, 2017
Google is the front door to your business.  Are you keeping it safe from intruders? Go ahead, Google the name of your company now. I’ll wait. With direct sales continuing to move toward more of an online model, it’s never been more important to protect your company’s reputation online. However, before even looking at the results page, what words follow your brand name in the auto-suggested results? Do the words “scam” or “pyramid” or “lawsuit” appear anywhere?
How long does reputation management take? - Search Engine Land Article

Article – How Long Does Reputation Management Take?

Jonathan Gilliam
July 25, 2017
Check out this great article from SearchEngineLand.com on the amount of time it can take for reputation repair to be successful. Considering how important an asset your reputation is, the investment in improvement is worth the wait.
Momentum Factor Webcast - How to Protect & Defend Your Brand Online

Momentum Factor Webcast – How to Protect & Defend Your Brand Online in Today’s Search Engine Environment

Jonathan Gilliam
May 15, 2017
Many businesses and professionals are being harmed by negative information that has been published on the internet. Unfortunately, it is now very easy for someone to harm a business by anonymously or pseudonymously publishing damaging content online. Learn how to protect and defend your brand online in today's search engine environment during this upcoming webcast.
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