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Momentum Factor at 2015 DSA Sales & Marketing Conference: Focus On The Field

Momentum Factor Takes Over DSA ‘Focus on the Field’

Jonathan GilliamDecember 7, 2015
The Momentum Factor team, including Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam, is excited to be back at this year's Direct Selling Association (DSA) Sales & Marketing Conference: Focus on the Field in Las Vegas from Dec. 9-11!
Facebook Mobile Icon - Do Dislikes Provide a Business Challenge?

What Will a Facebook “Dislike” Button Mean for Direct Sellers?

Jonathan GilliamSeptember 17, 2015
Mark Zuckerberg just announced in a public Q&A that Facebook is working on adding a new button to its commenting features. Though some have jumped to the conclusion that this will be equivalent to a “dislike” button, Zuckerberg left room for interpretation about what exactly the buttons will do.
Instagram & Insta-Spam - Is Your Reputation at Risk

Can Instagram Stop Insta-Spam?

Jonathan GilliamJuly 2, 2015
Our social and online reputation teams have noticed a recent rise in what we affectionately refer to here as "Insta-Spam." That is, spam bots leaving fake comments from fake profiles, or hashtag hijackers posting dozens if not hundreds of often inappropriate photos, directly tagged to client brand names.
Jonathan Gilliam Book: Blastoff! - Creating Growth in the Modern Direct Selling Company

It’s Time for Social Media to Take its Seat in the Boardroom

Jonathan GilliamMarch 31, 2015
The following is an excerpt discussing the importance of social media from Momentum Factor Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam's book for direct selling executives, Blastoff! Creating Growth in the Modern Direct Selling Company. 
Social Media Logos & Icons

Ever Wonder How Long Your Social Media Posts Should Be?

Jonathan GilliamMay 17, 2014
One of the ongoing debates we social media types have is about is the best length of a post or update to encourage performance. Our instincts have always erred toward concise updates in as few words as possible (though I personally am not known for my economy of prose ...)
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