Unauthorized Sellers Are Hurting Your Bottom Line & Field

Addressing the Unauthorized Seller Problem

Jonathan Gilliam
September 28, 2023
Unauthorized sellers battle with companies for consumer dollars, and customers look for the quickest, cheapest way to get the product on their doorstep. This severely impacts a direct seller's bottom line and, most importantly, hurts the field, as they often cannot compete with the cut-rate prices found online.
Lifecycle Compliance from Momentum Factor - Providing 360-Degree Compliance Protection

What is Lifecycle Compliance?

Mike Forcucci
August 11, 2022
Although you've seen it on the front page of our website and you've heard our team talk about it, are you still wondering what exactly is Lifecycle Compliance? We thought you might be. To clear up any confusion and clarify how Lifecycle Compliance can benefit your company, our team put together the following explainer video.
Amazon Marketplace as a Board Game

Article – Dirty Dealing in the $175B Amazon Marketplace

Jonathan Gilliam
March 4, 2019
Fake reviews on Amazon and other online marketplaces are a major problem for consumers and businesses alike. For companies, these false review can not only hurt their online reputation, but can cost them their sales channel entirely.
Unauthorized Amazon Sellers

Combatting Unauthorized Amazon Sellers … with Psychology

Jonathan Gilliam
July 25, 2018
One of the most challenging issues facing direct sellers today is the advent of the unauthorized Amazon seller. From former distributors who post their products for sale to larger aggregators who deliberately buy up product and offer them at a discount in their own “Amazon stores”, many direct selling companies struggle daily with this competitive menace.
Unauthorized Sellers on Online Marketplaces

Step-by-Step Guide to Beating Unauthorized Sellers

Jonathan Gilliam
January 3, 2016
Many companies today struggle with their products being sold without permission on websites such eBay and Amazon. Direct selling companies are particularly vulnerable from former distributors who post their products for sale, or larger aggregators who deliberately buy up product and offer them at a discount to prices the selling field can offer.
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