Online Reputation Cost Calculator - Negative Search Results

How Much is Your Online Reputation Costing Your Company?

Negative search results can be negatively impacting your bottom line

Our research shows that the more negative results direct sellers have when Googling their name, the more prospects will be scared away from joining. And this is a major problem!

To demonstrate the impact of a negative online reputation, our firm recently created an easy-to-use online tool to calculate the costs of negative search results:

Check Your Reputation Costs Here*.

You can now see the bottom-line repercussions from negative search results and why you may need BrandDefense™ from Momentum Factor.

To learn more about BrandDefense and how Momentum Factor can help you with online reputation and more, contact our team by clicking here.

*you will need to scroll a little more than halfway down the BrandDefense page to access the calculator.

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