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Crank Out That Content

by Jonathan Gilliam, Momentum Factor


Today, how often you publish content is more important than the consistency of your message.

It used to be that consistency and branding were the name of the game. Drive home a consistent, simple message, the old wisdom went, and people would gravitate to your offering.

In just the past few years, however, our firm has seen a dramatic change in what content is and how it should be developed. Our social media clients are consistently asked to produce more and more fun, creative and compelling content to feed the social media beast. It’s no easy task.

Not only does Google’s latest update require fresh and authentic content to get your company ranked (see my recent post on the update), but your field also requires it too. Today’s networker needs constant stimulation from your company, everywhere, all the time. This means, for example. that the days of relying on one major flagship video are gone. To stay relevant and keep in front of all the noise, you’ll need to produce weekly (or daily even) videos that demonstrate different parts of your core value proposition. Another example is increasing the volume of off-topic blog posts that are simply interesting, not necessarily “on message.”

People’s attention today is highly fragmented, as are their many sources of information. Consistency doesn’t have the same power it used to have.

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