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Direct Selling Featured in 40-Page Spread in Wall Street Journal

Booklet Insert describes direct selling as “The Ultimate Social Business Model.”

by Jonathan Gilliam, Momentum Factor


I thought I was dreaming this morning when I opened this morning’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and out pops a wonderful sight – a Parade-style magazine chock-full of articles educating the business world about the promise of the direct selling industry.

Apparently, our good friends at the Direct Selling News (DSN) are responsible for producing the supplement, and I am thoroughly impressed. Articles are well-written and there are full-page ads from a dozen or so of our better-known companies like Avon, USANA, Ignite, NuSkin and ViSalus. DSN tells me they delivered 1.2 million copies this morning. Articles in the insert include:

    • “The Ultimate Social Business Model – Why Now is Prime Time for Direct Selling”
    • “Solution to a Shrinking Job Market” – features an interview with a world-renowned economist on how direct selling impacts the economy
    • A financial article “Making Dollars and Sense” on why direct selling companies are a good investment
    • A list of the top publicly held direct selling companies
    • “A Truly Global Channel” about the industry’s impact internationally
    • An article about energy sellers including interviews of Rob Snyder and Doug Witt at Stream Energy/Ignite
    • “Of the People, By the People” describes how the model provides opportunity for the average person
    • “The Heart of Direct Selling – The Home” a story on party plans
    • DSN Global 100 list of top direct selling companies in the world, with profiles of the Top 25

The insert is available online to subscribers to the print edition of WSJ. Check it out, it will make you smile.

To talk more about this positive for the direct sales channel, reach out by clicking here.

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