2022 DSLC Summit - Austin, Texas

Direct Selling Legal & Compliance Summit Returns to Austin this Month

By popular demand, the Direct Selling Legal & Compliance Summit (DSLC) is returning to the W Austin Hotel this month (February 16-18)! We are so excited to host everyone for this important event and can’t wait to meet up in Austin.

As always, we have a fantastic keynote in store for you this year. Imagine, from a legal and compliance perspective, you’ve done everything perfectly in your business. Opinions from outside lawyers, guidance from consultants, approval from management, blessings from the board. Everything perfectly legit. And then one day, you find yourself being prosecuted for the largest accounting fraud in history. How can this be?

That’s exactly where our keynote speaker, former Enron financial chief Andy Fastow found himself — in a prison jumpsuit just a few months after winning CFO of the year. How did an experienced, elite banker with an MBA from Kellogg play a lead role in such a monumental corporate crime? In his fascinating, intimate talk, Andy will describe how he craftily hid billions of losses from Enron’s massive balance sheet — without technically breaking the law —and paid an enormous professional and personal price. In this age of intense scrutiny by consumer advocates, regulators, and social media influencers, Andy’s lessons are sure to resonate with you and your company.

Andy will be joined on the speaker roster by former FTC leaders Maureen Ohlhausen and Andrew Smith as well as a wide range of experts covering key legal and compliance topics for the direct selling industry. Check out the full slate of session descriptions and speaker bios by clicking here.

Whether you are looking for the latest in direct selling legal, compliance and regulation; best practices to take home to your team; or want to just mingle with the best strategic, legal and management minds in the industry, we’ve got you covered. With days to go until the event, limited space is available. Click to following links to reserve your event tickets and book your hotel stay.


About the DSLC Summit

The current regulatory, legal, and compliance environment presents significant challenges for direct sellers across the globe. Learn how to navigate the landscape and protect your company and field. This intensive three-day national event will focus on critical issues that face the direct sales channel. Our audience will be made up of Direct Selling company owners, CEOs, C-level executives, corporate attorneys, and compliance professionals who are seeking best practices to reduce their risk, grow their companies, and prepare for what’s ahead.  Join us for this one-of-a-kind educational and networking opportunity for professionals and executives from across the industry! For more information, log on to dslcsummit.org.

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