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Facebook’s New Timeline? More Work for Direct Sellers

Controversial new format means even more of a commitment to social media.

by Jonathan Gilliam, Momentum Factor


Not everyone is in love with Facebook‘s new Timeline format. It looks more like a personal profile page, so what’s the point for companies?

Well, one great thing to come from it is that it will lead to more interactive and fresher content. Why? Because there are no more landing pages or default tabs. You know, those salesy welcome pages with an arrow pointing to the Like button saying, “Like Us?” That’s over. Businesses won’t be able to use tabs to cover up for a lack of activity and regular updating.

More than ever, you’ll need to tend to your Facebook Garden, every day.

“But Jonathan” you say, “doesn’t this just mean more sacrifice to the Facebook Gods?” Yes, but it means that companies who truly want to be social will now (be forced to) make more of an effort to interact and stay interesting, which we all know is the route to social media success.

With the new layout, your exposure will rely more on your creativity and frequent shares, questions, and interaction. While a post can be “pinned” to the top of the page for up to a week, most socially enlightened companies will create a daily posting plan to continually develop their base of Likers.

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