FieldWatch protects Neora in FTC case

FieldWatch Helps Protect Neora

Neora’s win over the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on September 28, 2023, was a landmark decision. And while there were many factors and reasons that allowed Neora to come out on top of this arduous court battle. we are proud to say that FieldWatch™ and its ability to provide effective compliance monitoring played an important part in the decision. According to Page 18 of Judge Barbara Lynn’s decision in the FTC vs. Neora Case, it is stated that:

“The (Neora) Compliance Department uses a program named FieldWatch, an Internet-wide monitoring service that constantly searches the Internet, including social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, for terms relating to Neora’s products and brand.71 FieldWatch will identify potential violations for the Compliance Department to review; if a violation is discovered, FieldWatch will send at least two notices to the BP, including by text message, requesting that the violation be removed.72 If the BP fails to remove the violative claim after the second notice, the violation is escalated and flagged “Neora Review,” which will result in the Compliance Department personally reaching out to the BP and the BP’s upline to resolve the violation, and delete the improper claim.73 In addition to FieldWatch, the Compliance Department will do manual Internet searches to try to find and resolve violations.74 The record contains numerous examples of the Compliance Department communicating with BPs to address noncompliant posts and representations since at least 2013.75 Neora also tracks repeat offenders; although Neora typically gives a BP an opportunity to correct noncompliant behavior, a BP is eligible for suspension or termination for repeated violations of the P&Ps.”

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