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2014 DSA Global Regulatory Conference - Featured Speaker Jonathan Gilliam

Momentum Factor’s Jonathan Gilliam to Present at 2014 DSA Global Regulatory Conference

You may have heard that online compliance has taken center stage in recent weeks. Join us for a hands-on update on what your company can do to protect itself as Momentum Factor Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam presents at the 2014 Direct Selling Association (DSA) Global Regulatory Conference in Washington, D.C. on October 15-16 with co-presenter Seth Hopson, General Counsel of North American Power/Thrive. Should be an interesting event! For more information on Gilliam’s session, please read the description below.

Session Description:

Enforcing the Unenforceable? New Strategies in Digital Compliance.

The Internet can be a virtual playground for sales and marketing teams, or, for your compliance team, a virtual minefield, full of traps, hidden threats and a variety of unseen causes for alarm.

Our panelists will discuss with you best practices to monitor, identify and quickly address online compliance issues—from distributors circumventing company policy to spreading false statements and bad press and beyond. You’ll also pick up some tips for how to educate, train and encourage your field to protect their businesses and yours! Just a few take-aways will include:

– Gaining the techniques you can use now to reduce your company’s exposure to trouble

– Ways to encourage your field to comply with your policies and protect your brand

– Approaches to shifting from manual, low-skill monitoring to higher-value strategic monitoring, policy development and field communications.

Jonathan Gilliam, Founder & CEO, Momentum Factor

Seth Hopson, General Counsel, North American Power/Thrive

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