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Jonathan Gilliam to be Featured Panelist at 2022 European Direct Selling Compliance Conference

Jonathan Gilliam Joins EU Panel on the Evolution of Compliance Needs & Technologies

Panel Discussion on Compliance: A Deep Dive into the Changing Landscape

Back in May, Momentum Factor Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam spoke on a panel during the 2022 European Direct Selling Conference in Brussels. Taking the stage on the second day of the conference put on by Seldia – the European Direct Selling Association, Jonathan and panel members Adam Davison (Head of Data Science Advertising Standards Authority) and Adriana Lao (Senior Compliance Manager at PM International) spoke extensively on The Evolution of Compliance Needs & Technologies.

Unveiling the Latest in Compliance: Watch the Full Session Video from the European Direct Selling Conference

If you were not fortunate enough to be in attendance, check out the full session video below.

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