Guest Post from Hakki Ozmorali - Creating Balanced Focus in Direct Selling

Guest Post – Creating a Balanced Focus in Direct Selling Organizations

The following is a guest post from Hakki Ozmorali, friend to the firm and direct sales expert. 

by Hakki Ozmorali, Principal, DS Consultancy


If the field organization of a direct selling organization is well-trained and well-motivated, this is a true strength on the company’s side. From time to time, though, I ask myself if companies focus too much on the field at the cost of sacrificing the home office.

Field is vitally important in this industry. Without it, not a single product can be sold; and without a strong organization, the company is bound to fail. There is no doubt about it.

But what if the direct sellers in the field do not get the necessary support? What if the call center operators for instance, do not pick up the phones before they ring for 10 minutes and greet the callers appropriately? What would the field members do if the products are not shipped from the warehouse on time and correctly? What are the consequences if the website and the printed materials are not properly maintained to convey the most updated information? Can you imagine what can happen if the IT department does not keep the software and hardware in a working manner and as a consequence, the commissions do not go out as promised? The examples of poor service and mismanagement in areas such as finance, accounting, human resources are plentiful.

I strongly believe that the management’s focus should always be on both field and HQ. This is crucial for a long-term growth. Without a well-trained and well-motivated staff at home, even the strongest leaders and their organizations cannot accomplish much on their own and could be leaving the company soon.

Alongside those various incentives, promotions and trainings to improve the strength of the field, network marketing companies need to have similar programs and efforts to have a strong, motivated team in the office as well.

Hakki Ozmorali is the Principal of DS Consultancy, a consulting firm specialized in the direct selling industry. Before this, he had worked at various international direct selling companies in Country Manager and Regional Manager roles. Hakki is also the publisher of the popular weekly newsletter, The World of Direct Selling.

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