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Industry Veterans to Launch Huge Online Play with Minerva Worldwide

Direct selling start-up Minerva Worldwide fuses online marketing and word-of-mouth; aims to create a premier online destination for diet, health and beauty.

Minerva Worldwide, a new “hybrid” start-up, will soon announce its pre-enrollment campaign toward an anticipated launch in early 2012. Thier innovative business model will combine retail, brand advertising, internet marketing, direct response, social media and affiliate marketing. Company founders include well-known industry veterans John Gustin, Charlie Culver, Jimmy Kossert, Peter Baloff, Ted Charchuk and Larry Thompson.

Although just beginning its pre-enrollment, they seems to be creating a buzz. Industry sources believe it is building two divisions, MinervaPlace.com and MinervaRewards.com, one for content and the other for the opportunity — providing one site of smart content related to weight management, fitness and wellness, as well as beauty, style and fashion and the other an opportunity to earn income for referrals to the community and from advertising revenue generated by the site.

What’s interesting about this one? When thinking about online marketing, advertising revenue sharing is very intriguing. If Minerva Worldwide can become a true content destination, there is a lot of money in online advertising. And the founders, of course, will have a big impact on the company’s success. This isn’t their first rodeo. What are your thoughts on the model?

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