Is Google+ a Potential Rival to Facebook?

Google has announced another foray into social networking, and so far, reports are surprisingly good. No doubt it will not unseat the behemoth that is Facebook, but it is interesting in that Google seems to have thought out some of the most frustrating and time-wasting things about Facebook in order to solve them.

One feature of Google+ is its’ grouping. Anyone who has been invited to unknown FB groups on a daily basis (read: all of us) understands the issue. Facebook tends to make inviting so easy that it takes the usefulness out of the feature altogether. Google+ is introducing Circles, which is a way to segregate your friends. For instance, you can have a circle of buddies, a circle of high school friends, poker circle, etc. This also may alleviate the need to constantly mess around with privacy settings on your friend list.

Also in Google+, you’ll be able to edit comments after posting. As a fat-fingered typist always in a rush, that one will come in handy for me.

Will G+ get anywhere near what Facebook has become? Not anytime soon, but its great to finally start seeing some alternatives.

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