Jamie Oliver at Home - Direct Selling Company

Press Release – Jamie Oliver Coming to America as a Direct Seller

Former Princess House CEO Tim Brown partners with foodie celebrity Jamie Oliver in North America.

British celebrity chef and food education advocate Jamie Oliver is coming to North America — this time with the direct selling company, Jamie Oliver at Home. The famous foodie is teaming up with former Princess House CEO and industry veteran Tim Brown to expand Oliver’s “Jme Collection” cookware into North America. Based in Rhode Island, the US-based company will distribute products designed by Jamie and his team through a party plan and online model.

“We are really excited to be bringing Jamie Oliver at Home to the US,” says Brown. “The welcome so far from Jamie and his team has been amazing. Everyone on both sides of the pond is excited about the combination of Jamie’s renowned brand and the power of direct selling to change people’s lives in the US.”

Brown was introduced to Jamie and his companies through his UK CEO John Jackson and, in February 2012, began the conversation about bringing Jamie’s mission, message and his Jme Collection of kitchenware products to North America in a direct selling format, similar to the Jamie at Home company in the UK. Says Brown: “I have been totally impressed by Jamie’s passion and attitude towards good food – it’s so refreshing.”

This is the first US-based business for Jamie Oliver, building on his well-known passion for helping people become streetwise about better food and learning essential cooking skills.

The company is aiming for a soft launch in May.

The company is committed to “doing it right” and emphasizes the role that social media and online marketing will play in the company’s launch and growth. “Though we will always retain our personal touch, reaching people in new ways through technology will play a major role in our development,” Brown says.

In addition, the company’s cause will be to focus on food and its ability to heal and change lives. “We are all about facilitating the conversation about good and real food for all, and about creating business opportunities for all. It’s about people sharing the message and building their health and financial well-being.”

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