Jonathan Gilliam's article on Automated Compliance featured in Direct Selling News October Issue

Jonathan Gilliam’s Article on Automated Compliance Featured in Direct Selling News

Momentum Factor Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam’s article on Automated Compliance has been featured in the October issue of Direct Selling News (DSN). As stated in the article …

“Over the past two years, the Federal Trade Commission’s targeting of the direct sales channel has become increasingly aggressive, and the channel may now be under the most intense regulatory and public scrutiny it has ever faced. Opponents appear to have taken a war footing, and what we collectively do now as an industry will determine the future of this great business model we love.

Meanwhile, the direct selling industry itself has migrated from in-person sales meetings and events toward more online and social media-based marketing. This massive change has brought significant challenges and increased risks to direct sales companies, especially with regard to brand and regulatory liability. As field members increasingly use the internet to promote their businesses, companies invite more risk from uncontrolled or unmonitored claims by the field, often to disastrous effect.

As a result, compliance officers continue to play the world’s largest game of whack-a-mole; retaining oversize compliance departments charged with constant Google searching in hope of finding anything afoul of corporate and legal guidelines. It is an expensive process, requiring immense effort and resources to be able to “catch” and review all online mentions. Even so, the tools often employed by companies are not capable of finding the real issues lurking in dark and distant corners of the internet.”

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