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2015 DSA Annual Meeting - Featured Speaker Jonathan Gilliam

Momentum Factor’s Jonathan Gilliam to speak at the 2015 DSA Annual Meeting

Veteran direct selling executives gather to learn how to enforce compliance in the vast expanse of the Internet.

Momentum Factor Founder & CEO Jonathan Gilliam will be presenting at the 2015 Direct Selling Association (DSA) Annual Meeting. As usual, Gilliam will deliver the latest cutting-edge content to the world’s greatest direct sellers at this year’s DSA event, which is set for June 1-2, 2015. His session, which is titled “Finding the Risky Needle in the Vast Internet Haystack”, is slated for 11 am Monday morning. He will present alongside Allison Levy of AdvoCare as they two will provide key information to help today’s direct seller get a better understanding of how to protect and defend against “rogue reps” and other threats. For more information, see the session description below.


Finding the Risky Needle in the Vast Internet Haystack

The prevalent use of social media increases the risk of off-message distributor statements and the negative impact they can have on your company’s image. Unfortunately, available monitoring tools are limited and as a result, legal and compliance officers struggle with how to best and most efficiently review the thousands of online conversations that take place on a daily basis. During this session, you’ll learn the latest best practices to monitor, identify and quickly address online compliance issues, as well as options to educate and encourage your field to protect their businesses and yours. You’ll also learn the latest tips and techniques you can use to reduce your exposure and encourage your field to comply with your policies and protect your global brand.

Jonathan Gilliam
Founder & CEO
Momentum Factor

Allison Levy
AdvoCare International


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