Momentum Factor’s Jonathan Gilliam to Present at DSA Canada: “Virtual Parties: New Direct Selling Model or Social Media Fad?”

Canadian direct selling executives meet in Niagara Falls, Ontario for “We Have the Power!” annual meeting.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 5.33.29 PMWe are proud to announce our upcoming presentation at the Direct Selling Association Canada’s Annual Meeting. As usual, Momentum Factor plans to deliver the latest cutting edge content to the world’s greatest direct sellers at this year’s DSA Annual Meeting June 22-24, 2015. The session is slated for 11:00 am Tuesday morning.

The session titled “Virtual Parties: New Direct Selling Model or Social Media Fad?” with will help today’s direct seller get a better understanding of how to leverage virtual parties for better sales experiences.

Session description: 

Virtual Parties: New Direct Selling Model or Social Media Fad?

Virtual social media “parties” have become the preferred presentation format for many of today’s direct selling representatives. Some claim these parties are the way of the future, while others believe they are a fad and that nothing can replace our unique face-to-face sales experience. Either way, direct sellers are jumping into virtual parties in increasing numbers, changing the way many companies do business. Join Jonathan Gilliam, president of Momentum Factor and author of Social Selling and Blastoff! to learn how your company can leverage these new technologies to create rewarding sales experiences, while remaining true to what makes direct selling great.

Jonathan Gilliam
Momentum Factor


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