Mannatech at 2017 Direct Selling Legal & Compliance Summit (DSLC)

Press Release – Mannatech Offers Compliance Insight at Direct Selling Legal & Compliance Summit

COPPELL, Texas, Jan. 11, 2017– Mannatech Inc., a global health and wellness company committed to transforming lives to make a better world, had its CEO and President, Alfredo “Al” Bala, and General Counsel, Erin Barta, share their expertise in building a robust legal and compliance program that serves as a model for the direct sales industry during a keynote presentation at the 2017 Direct Selling Legal and Compliance Summit in Dallas, Texas.

The Direct Selling Legal and Compliance Summit is a gathering of industry executives and leaders who are seeking the best practices to reduce their risk, grow and protect their companies and navigate an ever-changing regulatory landscape facing the direct sales industry. Along with delivering a keynote presentation Bala served as master of ceremonies for the two-day event.

Bala and Barta’s keynote presentation was titled “Compliance is Key: Unlock your Company’s Greatness with Strong Business Ethics.” The presentation included Bala and Barta sharing how Mannatech, which faced legal and regulatory challenges more than a decade ago, turned around and become a shining example for ethical business practices for the direct sales industry. The Mannatech leaders’ keynote is intended to help other companies find a way to implement and achieve growth by building a culture of compliance and business ethics.

“We realized that for Mannatech to grow and reach its potential we required a culture of compliance that permeated our corporate and field operations,” said Bala. “We believe our compliance efforts put us at a competitive advantage and is key to our company’s growth. That is why we put maximum effort into building a program that sets the standard for the industry, ensures that our company could flourish and enables our independent sales Associates to build long-term business that are safe, secure and are supported by our Business Ethics and Compliance teams.”


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